• More than just hosting Professional integration of hosting services through own software development

  • Successful in Europe Countries where marbis GmbH actively sells services

  • optimized server hardware All hardware components are optimized for the depending services


Software development

Real time prepaid renting system, webinterfaces, apps and infrastructure management

Since the first self-developed application webinterface in 2001 we have been creating all software by ourselves. This includes all backend and frontend services that are involved to setup, maintain and run the products we sell.

Multi language

Nine languages

We currently offer all services vailable in nine languages, serving customers across Europe in their native tongue. In addition, the gaming communities in these countries are supervised by a local freelancer. This allows for cross-cultural features and specific responses to local requirements.

Server Hardware

Only branded server hardware

Server hardware is chosen and assembled specifically to meet our requirements. Our hardware is therefore optimally matched to individual types of service.